Ad Event provides a wide variety of Event management professional services such as the strategy, design, production, creative development, staging, live entertainments and celebrity booking. We understand the diversity of event needs of people all round Malaysia who are looking for a very special occasion to set their event apart from the rest. We will put your ideas into reality, or, if you don’t have a clear indication of what you want, you can choose from a large variety of event suggestions that our professional team can put together and expand on, based on an idea or concept you may have in mind. We are one of the leading event agency producing:

Special Events

We can help you out with all sorts of different special events. These are events that are typically held as one-off events and are made to link people within a business with one another. It can also be used as a means of facilitating different networking functions in the field.

  • Event and Function Marketing Programs
  • Official Opening Ceremony, Groundbreaking Ceremony
  • Road Show
  • Promotions & Sales Campaigns
  • Dealers Convention
  • Incentive Trips & Programs
  • Treasure Hunt
  • Team Building Events
  • Professional Speakers (International and Local)
  • Seminars
  • Media / Product Launches

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Leisure Events

Not all events in the business world are going to be professional in nature. You can also contact us for help with getting leisure events set up. These are events where you will get people to celebrate special occasions

  • Birthday Party Celebration
  • Party Planning
  • Dance & Annual Dinner
  • Family Day Carnival
  • Event Organizer Program
  • Event Planning
  • Anniversary/Wedding Dinner
  • Thematic Functions & Events
  • Company Anniversary

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Meetings, Seminars & Conventions

Meetings and conventions can make for some of the best events for people to experience. You can consult us for setting up special event by providing you with all the necessary materials you’d require for meetings, seminars and conventions:

  • Souvenirs
  • Door Gift
  • Music Arrangement
  • Live Entertainment
  • Ballroom Design & Decoration
  • Design & Printing for Caps & T-shirt
  • Design & Printing for Printed Materials
  • Design &Supply Goody Bags for Conference
  • Staging, 3D Backdrop Design
  • Professional Consultancy & Event Co-ordination
  • Special Effects (for example pyrotechnic, blimp, confetti,    intelligent lighting effects, 3d laser etc.)
  • Truly Enhanced Lighting & Sound System (for convention opening
    ceremony or official launch, presentation & entertainment of event)

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Corporate Launching, Opening Ceremony & Product Launching

Corporate launches, including product launching events and major announcement events, can be critical to your business. They will help you to introduce something new to the general public. Corporate launches can come in many forms and may include the following:

  • Design, Planning & Creative Idea
  • Creation of Multimedia Presentation & Corporate Video
  • Design & Creative Concept with Special Effects
  • Invitation Card (Printing & Design)
  • Real-time Projection
  • Professional & Experienced Digital Video Coverage
  • Product Program Planning Logo Mock-up
  • Conceptual Design of Décor, Props, Backdrop & Staging
  • Moving Head, Lasers & Intelligent Lighting
  • Develop Launching Sequence & Method
  • Logistic Co-ordination Lighting Rental, Sound & Audio Visual
  • Professional & Specialized Photographer
  • 3D Laser Effect & Laser Effect along with Pyrotechnics
  • Pro-Cube Video Wall Program &System
  • Product Display Creative Unveiling

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Trade Shows, Road show, Exhibition & Promotional Campaigns

Trade shows, road shows and promotional events are great events to hold as well. Our services will involve many points relating to setting up an event, advertising that event in many forms and in getting the crews needed for making it easier for a trade show to work with care. This will certainly be to your benefit.

  • Promotional Idea
  • Advertising (Radio Ad, Press Ad & Various other Media)
  • Design, Printing and  Distribution of Leaflets or Flyers
  • Proposing Appropriate Event Venues & Promotional Idea with Exclusive Activities
  • Proposal Securing Appropriate Venue
  • Canopy/Marquee Tent
  • Venue Decoration & Set-Up
  • Service or Product Promotions
  • Supply Manpower (Promoters, Crews, Coordinators and Models Etc.)

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Live Entertainment Professional Services

Live entertainment can be important for you events too. We’ll supply you with all sorts of live entertainment options like:

  • Cultural Show
  • Professional Emcee ( non-celebrity & celebrity )
  • Recording Artistes
  • Professional and Experienced High Energy Dancing Show
  • Entertainers/ Professional Singer / Live Band
  • Exclusive Design Entrance Arch,  Backdrop,  Ballroom Decoration & Theme Party Recommendation
  • Comedy Performance /Stand-up Comedy Show
  • Lighting System & Sound Reinforcement Rental
  • Deejay & Mobile Disco Services
  • Game Show
  • Digital Portable Karaoke Services

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Multimedia, Video Production & Coverage

We will also help you out with getting your multimedia materials ready for your special event. This includes working with multimedia for trade shows, conventions and other items used to provide you with coverage of different processes that your business might engage in.

  • Sales & Marketing Presentation Slide & Program
  • Corporate Profile
  • Convention Coverage
  • Manufacturing Process or Procedure Coverage
  • Trade Show Coverage
  • Training Coverage / Meeting Coverage
  • Service or Product Promotions

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Rental of Lighting, AV & Sound Systems

We offer lighting and sound system rentals for your event. We can provide you with such things as getting a karaoke system ready, setting up a portable disco system or with getting the right television sets rented out. Sound reinforcement and lighting features may also be supported.

  • Portable Disco System
  • Plasma Television
  • P.A System
  • Karaoke System
  • Data Projector/ High Definition LCD
  • High-end Projection
  • Stage Lighting Advisor, Lighting Effects, Sound technician, Engineer & Programmer
  • Sound Reinforcement and Strengthening for Live Performance & Concerts

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Contact us for information on the many things that you can use when getting your special events in Malaysia ready. We at Ad Event can help you out with making any kind of event that you want to hold more memorable regardless of what you plan on hosting or offering.