Welcome to Ad Event Management

An established event company service firm that specializes in event solutions. With over 10 years of experience, we have gained an unparalleled reputation for our quality service. As one of the leading event planner we believe in providing excellence and efficient services to all types of corporate events, In order to keep up with an increasingly competitive market, we provide a wide range of services to your convenience.

Our Philosophy

To have controlled growth of our client events and projects and by staffing the most experienced professionals available. We provide as many services and goods under one roof as possible in order to insure overall quality, and give each and every one of our clients a spectacular and memorable event.

Our Mission

To leverage the power and potential of the event industries to help today’s businesses to reach out to a larger customer base more effectively. We aim to be dynamic, creative, innovative and yet, affordable.


Looking to conduct a fascinating and remarkable event? Ad Event will craft your way to an extraordinary journey, designed with our clients in mind, affordability and excellency comes as standard whether your company is well established or a seed of an idea, you'll be assured of a warm welcome with professional and quality service.